The Crane Agency Turns 130!

The world of insurance is all about risk– and risk management. So, in this industry, things like staying power and experience mean much more than they do elsewhere in the economy.

And believe it or not, The Crane Agency has now been around for over 130 years!

The nature of insurance has definitely changed a lot over that time. For example, we don’t insure steamboats any more. (Fun fact: that is how The Crane Agency got started: in 1885, Charles L. Crane, the son of a steamboat captain, began writing river marine insurance policies for barge owners traveling the Mississippi.)

But we do provide insurance for a range of situations today, representing all major property and casualty insurance companies. Our brokers are all entrepreneurs at heart, given both the independence to serve their clients and the resources to do so quickly and efficiently. With each new generation, our brokers have adapted to the changing business landscape, bringing new expertise to their white-glove service.

Though we keep an eye firmly on what the future brings, it’s still fun to take a look back over those 130 years. So, for your viewing pleasure: here are a few of the billboards we’ve had over the year. Obviously, safe driving was a concern then, and it is a concern of ours now:

And here are some of the historic buildings we have insured through the ages:

If you would like to see what keeps people and organizations coming back the Crane decade after decade, contact us. Sometimes, it’s nice to know something has been around for a while when the rest of the world is so uncertain.

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