Protect your staff and school.

Work with a dedicated partner experienced in the unique insurance coverage that institutions need, from property policies to added protection for education professionals.

Manage your coverage with confidence. Crane Agency offers comprehensive, customized solutions for institutions of all sizes. We know what your facilities and faculty need to feel protected, and deliver specialized solutions with your needs in mind.
Shield your educational institution from potential losses and ensure uninterrupted learning with our comprehensive property insurance solutions.
  • Tailored risk assessments for optimal coverage strategies
  • Broad-spectrum insurance for buildings and educational assets
  • Swift claims management for rapid recovery
  • Disaster recovery planning and emergency training
Nurture a safe and healthy learning environment with our student-centered safety protocols and staff training.
  • Customized safety programs 
  • Thorough risk-mitigation strategies
  • Coverage for injuries and illnesses
  • Regular audits in compliance with health regulations
Elevate your defense against cyber threats and mitigate liability risks with our proactive and comprehensive coverage.
  • Cyber vulnerability audits and protective measures
  • Advanced policies against data breaches and online threats
  • Teacher liability insurance for professional allegations and claims
  • Legal support for liability claims and disputes
Every institution faces unique challenges. That is why we design custom insurance solutions that fit your specific needs.
We create custom insurance solutions for a range of educational organizations, including:
  • School Districts
  • Early Education Centers
  • Elementary & Middle Schools
  • High Schools
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Technical & Vocational Schools

No matter your industry, we can partner with you to create custom insurance solutions. When it comes to securing your peace of mind–that’s a job we take very seriously. Because at the end of the day, our business is ensuring that your organization keeps running.

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