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Employee benefits list: Compliance, Health Care Reform, Health Care Costs, Workplace Wellness, Attract & Retain Talent, Employee CommunicationBenefits Consulting and Cost Management

Crane Agency is your single-source solution for benefits consulting and cost management. We act as your advocate and your liaison to those external service providers contracted to serve your employee benefits needs. We have spent over 135 years building relationships with virtually every major insurance carrier. Our stability and strength help allow us to obtain high-quality, competitive coverage options for our clients.

Our consulting services are data-driven. We compare Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability plans by using a single source database to help generate analysis worksheets and benefit booklets, which can help avoid data entry errors. We can support any branding requirements requested by an employer.

Our Renewal Timeline is designed to provide your organization with the appropriate amount of time to evaluate your benefits program and make informed decisions from year to year. Carefully managing this process allows our clients to maximize the value of their Employee Benefits Program. Without an identified process in place driving efficiencies, it is possible to miss opportunities to help capture savings.

Wellness Programs

The success of any Wellness plan is driven by assigning a champion within an organization to support program messaging. Once identified, Crane’s internal and external resources can be made available. Due to recent court decisions, we believe that activity-based wellness programs like our internally development wellness Program BeHip will enhance employment, overall health, and well-being in our community. Our internally developed programs are available at no cost to our clients. We will act as a liaison in introducing external wellness providers.

An effective workplace wellness program can reduce overall healthcare costs and improve employee productivity and morale. Studies show that every dollar spent on a workplace wellness program generates up to three dollars in savings. We provide all the tools you need to implement and support a successful workplace wellness program, including how-to articles, surveys, assessments, various employee communication pieces, and out-of-the-box ideas to drive interest and results.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted the effectiveness of on-site Wellness programs. We recognize these changes and the need for virtual opportunities to maintain proper education and incentives. Every customer is different, so we work to make sure any recommendations are tailored to the client’s needs without weighing down other resources.

Legislative Compliance

Our legislative briefings, standard compliance Q&As, HR Insights series, Community Forum, and Compliance Engine give you what you need to easily stay on top of employment laws and developments. We can provide access to external service providers who will give price-sensitive ERISA documents when requested.

In a recent Broker Services Survey, 97 percent of respondents said it was important that their broker provide them with legislative updates regarding the various provisions of the ACA. Ninety-four percent said it was important that their broker provide their employees with easy-to-read briefings on how healthcare reform will affect them. We offer regular legislative briefings on the changing provisions of health care reform. Our agency also provides webinars to explain the intricacies surrounding new legislation to help keep you in compliance. We have a series of flyers, posters, and payroll stuffers to help your employees understand how healthcare reform affects them as well. You can access our health care reform legislative guide at any time and find answers to all your health care reform questions as well. If you cannot find the answer to a specific question, you will have access to a nationwide community forum to seek advice from your peers as well as an HR Hotline.

HR Tools

Crane subscribes to two different HR services, which we make available to clients on an as-needed basis free of charge. Examples of support provided include both COBRA and ACA issues, which have come up over the years. Our data-driven tools can perform comprehensive regulatory ACA impact analysis and financial modeling by allowing for granular assessments of costs from Pay or Play, Medicaid eligibility, to tax exposures.

We only recommend plans which meet or exceed minimum standards to be considered compliant. When it comes to each specific client, we make resources available to help avoid violations, prepare for legislative changes, and respond to any inquiries. Our available tools help to assist in providing you with one of the deepest benches in the industry regarding legal and compliance matters.

Choose Crane Agency for your Employee Benefits Consulting services, where you will find all your answers in one place.

Whether it’s keeping clients informed of current changes to the Employee Benefits landscape, answering important questions, providing educational resources, or connecting you with the latest solutions, Crane Agency provides the support businesses need from a team they can trust.

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