Terms and Conditions


The privacy of your personal information is an important priority of the Crane Agency Co., its brokers, employees and staff. In keeping with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the state laws pertaining to insurance industry privacy laws, we provide you with this memorandum for your information.

We collect non-public information about clients, their employees and sometimes their family members from several sources. These include but are not limited to (a) applications and related forms, (b) consumer reporting agencies, (c) external public sources, (d) as a result of verifying information you provide to us and (e) details regarding your insurance coverage and premiums.

We do not disclose this obtained information to any persons or third parties except as follows or as permitted by law. We may share your information outside our organizations in order to complete a transaction for which the information was provided or authorized by you. We may share this information with insurers and other companies with which we have marketing agreements and/or that perform financial and insurance services on our behalf.

We limit access to your non-public information to those employees and staff at Crane who may need that information to provide services for you. We install electronic, system and physical safeguards to protect your client information that we maintain in our normal course of business.

If you do not want us to disclose non-public information to third parties other than insurance companies, please call us for a form that you can complete and return to us within 30 days.


We disclose to you the following information regarding how we receive remuneration for our products and services. In addition to the usual commissions paid to us by insurance companies and fees paid by clients, we may receive profit sharing or contingent commission income from insurance companies with which we have agreements. These agreements do not increase the cost of your insurance and are based on a variety of factors including but not limited to premium volume, loss ratio, retention and growth. We also may receive interest income where permitted by law on premiums held by Crane and payable to insurers. Such interest may accrue between the time you pay us and the time we pay the insurer.

Edition Date: 7/27/2016