Our Solutions

Crane Agency’s Surety Department has the knowledge to help you negotiate cost-effective bonding program options even in the most challenging circumstances. Our proficiency, access to bond markets, and long-term carrier relationships allow us to succeed where others fail. We take the time to understand all aspects of your organization and customize a surety plan to help capitalize on your company’s strengths, while helping to reach your company goals.  Here are just a few of our capabilities:

  • Dedicated Bond Department with over 100 years of combined experience
  • Direct access to over 30 strategically developed surety bond companies
  • Access to international, national, regional, and specialty carriers
  • Global surety capacity
  • Market-leading surety processing and tracking technology
  • Analyzing and communicating complex financial ideas
  • Access to benchmarking and data analytics
  • Usage of the SBA surety bond program, collateral, funds control, capital injection and subordination.
  • Access to numerous credit score only based bond programs

Whatever your business, wherever you are located, you can count on the Crane Agency for effective surety solutions.