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What We Do

Protect your client relationships.

Crane Agency provides surety bond services not just in Missouri, but nationwide and abroad. We provide tailored, comprehensive solutions to secure your contractual obligations, to provide your clients with assurance.

Our surety fidelity offerings include:
Dedicated Bond Department

Expert team with vast experience

Global Surety Capacity

Access to international carriers

Processing & Tracking Technology

Efficient, market-leading tools

Benchmarking & Data Analytics

Data-driven insights for decision-making

We also offer

  • Diverse Carrier Network
  • Financial Analysis
  • Broad Surety Network
  • SBA Program Access
  • Credit-Based Program Access

How we do it


Our experienced, dedicated Surety Department has the knowledge to help you negotiate cost-effective bonding program options even in the most challenging circumstances.


We take the time to understand all aspects of your organization and customize a surety plan to capitalize on your company’s strengths while helping you reach your company goals.


Whatever your business, wherever you are located, count on Crane Agency for effective surety solutions designed to ensure the fulfillment of your contractual obligations and to promote your business growth.

We have long-standing relationships with the leading insurance carriers. Let us put those relationships to work for you.

Featured Industries

No matter your industry—we can help cover your business and carry your worry.
Doctor reviewing the results with a patient in their office
Shield your business from medical practice risks, including malpractice and billing errors.
Office building
Real Estate
Protect property investments and manage liabilities with custom insurance solutions.
Office building with construction
Mitigate risks with insurance solutions tailored for contractors and construction companies.

Lead with confidence.
We’re here to help you feel prepared for whatever life brings your way.