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George Hubbard

Senior Vice President | Shareholder

About George Hubbard

George Hubbard grew up on a farm, which gave him a sense of independence, problem-solving and hard work. These acquired virtues have been an asset for him and his ability to diagnose complicated accounts and situations. He works closely with his clients to understand the challenges they face. Once the exposures are understood, he communicates with our carriers in such a way that they are as familiar with an account as he is. That is what being an advocate is all about.

George has experience with global risk and has written several accounts over the past 25 years that have operations in six continents. He understands the unique challenges that face global risks including supply chain interdependencies, foreign staff placement and potential tax implications.

In 2009, George collaborated with a leading insurer to customize unique coverages for a national fire apparatus distributors’ insurance program. He also challenged the industry to have a mutually fair distributor agreement to help ensure that insurers would stay engaged in insuring apparatus distributors.

The world of farming and commercial agriculture has changed considerably over the past 40 years. Today is the age of genetics, GPS Yield Tracking and much larger scale operations that span thousands of acres. New insurance products have emerged to address employment practices, pollution and GMO product liability.

Transparency and diligence are key to George’s long career and successful relationships with clients and carriers alike. George has never backed down from a challenge and is always available to assist his clients and potential clients with any insurance need.