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Bill Purcell

Executive Vice president | Shareholder

About Bill Purcell

Bill Purcell joined the Crane Agency in 1985 after graduating from St. Louis University with a finance degree. Bill Purcell joined the Pierce Powers unit in the Crane Agency after attending the management training program at Commerce Bancshares N.A. and working in the commercial loan division.

Bill enjoys strategically working with his clients to assess their risk management needs and provide peace of mind in a rapidly changing marketplace. Over 38 years of service to Crane and his clients, Bill has established strong partnerships and lasting friendships which he greatly appreciates.

Bill currently serves as executive vice -president and member of the Crane Board of Directors, providing the board with a historical perspective following his 38-year tenure as a Crane Board member.

When not in the office, Bill Purcell proudly enjoys his family which includes three daughters, three grandchildren and a son-in-law who also works as a Crane producer.


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