Personalized, Professional Service

Your benefits package is your #1 tool for attracting and retaining your best talent. That means you will want to offer the best benefits while keeping costs under control.

The Crane Agency can be your single-source solution for benefits consulting and cost management. We maintain strong relationships with all national and regional medical insurance companies, as well as all the major life, dental, disability, and voluntary worksite underwriters.

More importantly, we are committed to efficiency, transparency, and service. We don’t just manage your benefits—we serve as your advocate in an uncertain world.  

  • Employee assistance programs
  • Employee wage deferral programs
  • Executive benefits
  • Global benefits management
  • Health, dental, disability and vision care plans
  • Income and asset protection plans
  • Lost time/absence management
  • Prescription drug programs
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Wellness Programs
Group Health and Welfare

We will work with you to improve the productivity of your employee health benefits program.

Providing personalized and professional service
Legal and Compliance

One of the biggest challenges in benefits administration is keeping abreast of compliance requirements. Failing to do so can create even bigger problems down the road.

The Crane Agency provides clients with an experienced compliance support team to keep you up-to-date on important compliance requirements and issues. Whether it’s getting an alert, asking a question, or seeing an educational webinar, Crane clients get the support they need, from a team they can trust.

Always keeping you abreast of important compliance requirements
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