Brand Assets
Crane Agency Logos may only be used as they appear below and with the expressed written consent of an authorized Crane Agency representative. To obtain permission, please contact Dina Buxton at Thank you.

Logo Formats
Our logo should be used in full color or white-on-maroon as much as possible. Other variations are acceptable where appropriate, but are secondary. The stand alone "C" icon should be in light gray as much as possible, but other colors shown below are also acceptable.
Font Rules
The main brand fonts are "Montserrat" and "Cardo". These fonts should be used whenever possible. "Calibri" and "Arial" are acceptable replacements for "Montserrat", as is "Georgia" for "Cardo".
primary palette

Crane brand elements should only be used in the official maroon and light gray with black and white as secondary colors. It is acceptable to adjust the value of the maroon and black colors in order to achieve the colors in the 1-color logos above.
Primary Colors
HEX: #933235
CMYK: 28/90/77/25
RGB: 147/50/53
PMS: 492 C
HEX: #dbd9d6
CMYK: 13/11/12/0
RGB: 219/217/214
PMS: Cool Gray 1 C
Secondary Colors
HEX: #262626
CMYK: 71/65/64/69
RGB: 38/38/38
PMS: 426 C
HEX: #bcb21f
CMYK: 30/21/100/0
RGB: 188/178/31
PMS: 7765 C
HEX: #1c5a7d
CMYK: 92/62/32/13
RGB: 28/90/125
PMS: 7700 C
Brand Guidelines